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Staying Organized

Who me? Organized? My husband might tell you otherwise, but I do find it hard to keep track of our weekly schedule. You know: school, swimming, grocery shopping, tidying up, paying bills, remembering appointments and so on. Fortunately, in our house we all pitch in. No one person does everything. But we do have a little secret that helps our day run more smoothly.


Published by Rattle The Stars

I'm just a small town girl, living in a lonely world. Well.. not really, I have lots of friends and I live in a pretty big city, but it's a nice thought. My name is Sydney and I want to be a writer. My blog, Rattle The Stars, is my first attempt at fulfilling that goal. I decided that I want to read as many books as I can and review them so that one day, I can write the best book ever!! (at least in my mind). The more exposure I have to good writing, and bad, more I know what I want my book to look like. So... TA DA! I am a readomaniac. Have a great book you love? I want to read it! Send it to me at Please make sure to visit my blog at!

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